Name Address Website/Email Telephone Number Objective/ Mission
African Canadian Professionals Network Association "" (780) 200-8562 or (780) 717-4055
African / Caribbean United Foundation of Alberta 3915 – 34 Street NE, Calgary AB T1Y 6Z8 Mailing: 23 Sherwood Common NW, Calgary AB T3R 1P6;; (403) 275-8590, (403) 452-3483, (403) 860-8314 Advocate for judicial, educational, social and economic equity for African and Caribbean community as a whole so that people of African and Caribbean ancestry can realize their full potential as Canadians
African Community Association of Calgary "Address 205 - 1409 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 3K8"; (403) 710-4028, (403) 292-6719, (403) 233-7998, (403) 606-2341, Fax: (403) 232-8760 To help create awareness of issues relating to Africa, matters of integration, employment and education.
African Students' Association "African Students' Association (AFSA) c/o Student Group Services Office Room 0-11B Students' Union Building University of Alberta 8900 - 114 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta" (780) 695-0132 To initiate programs of special interest to African students with a view of articulating a progressive African position and generating informed support for African development.
African Sudanese Association Of Calgary (ASAC) "206 223 12 Av SW Calgary, AB T2R 0G9" (403) 265-5560
Afrikadey! Arts and Culture Society "1B - 1640 16 Avenue NW Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L6 Mailing Address: Post Office Box 22144 Retail Postal Outlet Bankers Hall Calgary, Alberta T2P 4J5" "" "(403) 234-9110 Fax: (403) 234-9114" To encourage cross-cultural communication among communities, artists, youth and all others interested in various forms of Art from Africa and its Diaspora.
Afro Students' Association "402 Collegiate Boulevard NW Calgary, AB T2N 1N4" "" (403)714-0134 To promote awareness of current issues affecting all Africans in the Diaspora, to showcase the vast African and Carribean cultures, and foster unity and friendships amongst all Africans in the Diaspora.
Association of Guineans in Calgary 1650 16A St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3S7 (403) 313-6560 Support the integration of Guineans in Calgary; create friendship links among Guineans in Calgary and across Canada; support the socio-economic development of the Guinean community; and support community development in Guinea
Bafut Manjong Calgary "4315 73 Street NW Calgary, Alberta T3B 2M2 Canada" (587) 889-0921 To foster friendship and instill a sense of development between members, share with members in good times and bad, and help newcomers settle painlessly in Calgary.
Calgary Ethiopian Community Association 201, 223 – 12 Ave SW Mailing : PO BOX 22050 Bankers Hall, Calgary, AB T2P 4J1 (403) 262-7260 (403) 262-7290 To address the needs, concerns, and interests but also provides support and social welfare to Ethiopians in Calgary and surrounding cities.
Calgary Sudanese Family Integration Centre 202, 4202 – 17 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2A 0T2 (403) 207-6020, Fax: (403) 207 6720 To help Sudanese families integrate into Canadian society. Focus is on family issues
Calgary Ugandan Community Association 176 Westcreek Landing, Chestermere, AB T1X 1R8 (403) 295-3211 To support Ugandans in Calgary and to support projects in the Ugandan Community; help persons integrate into the Canadian society; and support projects for children affected by war in Uganda.
Cameroonian Association of Calgary 105 Martinridge Crescent NE Calgary, AB, T3J 3M4 (403) 400-1275 To promote and share Cameroonian culture in Calgary and ensure the success of youth living in Alberta.
Cameroonian Association of Edmonton "PO Box 4352 Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4T3" "Email :" (780) 475-9928 / (780) 468-0094 To serve the local community through empowerment, cultural enrichment, social/professional integration and education of men, women, youth and children, fostering togetherness in our collective pursuits. CAE-ACE, also aims to promote Cameroonian culture in Edmonton while helping Cameroonians living in Edmonton adjust and adapt to Canadian culture.
"Ethiopian Community Association in Edmonton" "10585 115 St. NW Edmonton, AB T5H 3K4 Canada" President: (780) 421-1615 To continuously meet the needs of Ethiopians living in Canada, among other things.
Ghanaian Canadian Association of Calgary 40 Hidden Creek Circle NW (403) 383 2644, (403) 338 0353 Organizing cultural activities; educating Ghanaian children and youth about their heritage; and promoting education among the youth.
National Black Coalition of Canada [NBCC] – Edmonton Chapter 12526-126 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5L 3C7 (780) 425-0319 Fax (780) 452-0383 To create positive impacts on the lives of everyone in our community and encourage the youth to realize their full potential; foster communication and solidarity among Blacks in Canada; work with other Canadians towards achieving full social, racial, cultural, political and economic harmony across Canada; and participate in shaping a country that Blacks benefit from fully.
Nigerian-Canadian Association of Edmonton " Nigeria Cultural Centre, 10047-80 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta" (780) 257-2098 To promote a united Nigerian Community in Edmonton by providing services that create tremendous values to our members
Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary "Nigerian Canadian Community House #319, 3132-26th Street NE Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 6Z1" "(403) 291-9234 Fax: (403) 291-6198" To meet the needs of all Nigerians based in Calgary Alberta. To educate Calgarians on the culture of Nigerians and provide support to all Nigerians based in the province.
Organization African Sudanese Association of Calgary 201, 1448– 7 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 0C8;; (403) 265-5560, Fax: (403) 265-5561 To provide, among other things, settlement and interpretation services to Sudanese and other African immigrants.
Organization Amicale Congo-Brazza Alberta 101, 1513 – 26 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1C4 (403) 473-4505 (403) 272-5590 To unite Brazza-Congolese living in Alberta; assist Brazza-Congolese with settlement and integration needs in Alberta; build links between Congo-Brazza and Alberta (e.g. development projects in Africa; and promote the Congolese culture.
Rwandan Canadian Society of Calgary 304, 1111 – 11 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G5 "Facebook: Twitter:" (403) 514–8332. To make the Society's cause known, to reach out to other groups who share the Spociety's vision. Work to enhance community spirit among Rwandans and create friendship with other communities with similar objectives.
Somali Canadian Society of Calgary 3810 – 17 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0S4; (403) 463-5933 (403) 617-1565 To promote cultural integration of Somali community; mainstream culture; advocate for the community’s welfare; help the youth succeed in Canadian society; and preserve the Somalian cultural identity