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Are you looking to make a difference and be part of a process that offers youth funding to create impactful community projects? Join our adjudication board for the Black Youth Leadership Program (BYLP) Cohort 2 and help empower young leaders aged 15 to 30 across Alberta. Your role will be crucial in reviewing innovative project proposals, ensuring diverse perspectives, and supporting the next generation of change-makers.

With over $620,000 in grants awarded to youth in Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Alberta in Cohort 1, you will play a key part in fostering positive change and showcasing the remarkable potential of Alberta’s African descent youth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to meaningful community development and inspire future leaders!

Over $620,000 was awarded to 137 micro-grant recipients in Cohort 1 of through the Black Youth Leadership Program (BYLP). Youth aged 15 to 30 in Edmonton, Calgary, and across Alberta created impactful community projects from January to June 2024.


As an adjudication board member, you will play a key role in reviewing project proposals, ensuring diverse perspectives, and supporting the next generation of change-makers.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience in Community Advocacy: Proven track record of serving on community boards or committees and advocating for community issues
  • Expertise in Grant Writing and Approval: Hands-on experience with grant writing, creating and evaluating grant proposals, and understanding of funding strategies
  • Understanding of African Descent Youth Interests: Familiarity with the needs, challenges, and aspirations of African descent youth
  • Strategic Thinking and Communication Skills: Strong skills in strategic planning, problem-solving, and effective communication with diverse stakeholders
  • Organizational and Administrative Proficiency: Experience in managing schedules, overseeing project timelines, and handling administrative tasks
  • Passion for Community Impact: Strong desire to make a positive impact in the community through various initiatives
  • Analytical and Decision-Making Skills: Strong analytical and decision-making skills to assess and select grant proposals


  • Review Project Proposals: Evaluate grant applications and assess the potential impact of proposed community projects.
  • Ensure Diverse Perspectives: Contribute to discussions that reflect diverse viewpoints and experiences.
  • Support Youth Initiatives: Help foster the growth of innovative and impactful projects led by African descent youth.
  • Attend Training Sessions: Participate in training from 6 to 7 p.m., two to three times a week, with assigned timeslots for your sessions in the evening
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How to Apply

  • Submit your resume and cover letter to by July 19, 2024. In your cover letter, please outline your experience with community boards, grant writing, and your understanding of the needs of African descent youth.

Successful individuals must take part in a mandatory orientation session prior to the project start date with Africa Centre staff.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

BYLP is funded by Canada Service Corps, a national movement that empowers youth aged 15–30 to gain experience and build important skills while giving back to their community. Learn more at
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