Enhancing Gender Equity


Africa Centre views advancing gender equity and the empowerment of women and girls as a priority. Thus, gender equity plays a key role in creating lasting solutions in our communities.

About Us

We intend to build coalitions of support to advance the lives of our community members by addressing gender-based disadvantages while utilizing existing resources within our communities and partners. The approaches include:

  • Building coalitions of partnerships to promote the empowerment of women and girls;
  • Collaborating with academics in exploring initiatives that address gender issues among women and girls of African descent; and,
  • Create support systems that promote women and girls in leadership.
  • Create spaces that promote allyship


As part of our Enhancing Gender Equity program, we have undertaken a project to address Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Black communities in Alberta. Our goal is to implement a framework that creates systemic change in the lives of families of African descent and individuals experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), family and marital breakdown, unemployment/underemployment and mental health concerns by March 2024.

Meet the Team

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Yawa Idi



Healthy Relationships (Calgary) (3)

Event Title: Healthy Relationships for Youth (Edmonton, Red Deer & Calgary)

Event Date:  April 6, 29, and September 9th, 2023

Event Description:  These interactive sessions were crafted to equip youth with the knowledge and skills needed to nurture healthy relationships. The emphasis was on promoting healthy communication, enhancing self-esteem, and instilling respect and empathy among youth. Participants engaged in interactive activities to gain insights into the dynamics of healthy relationships, considering the influence of social media on friendships and romantic connections, as well as the impact of family expectations and gender roles. The sessions underscored essential aspects such as setting boundaries, recognizing signs of unhealthy relationships, and developing conflict resolution strategies.


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Empowering Wise Women (Sudan)3

Event Title: Empowering Wise Women Events

Event Date: May 6, 13, & July 22, 29, 2023

Event Description: The Empowering Wise Women Leaders event aimed to strengthen communities by enhancing the skills and knowledge of participants while giving them the opportunity to learn and unlearn harmful practices. We involved women of African descent to share their wisdom, experience, and knowledge, focusing on the support they can offer particularly young individuals exploring marriage or common relationships by capitalizing on their role as pillars of their community. The discussions centered on creating healthy relationships and emphasized the significance of being one's whole self, knowing oneself, and understanding personal desires before committing to someone else.


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Empowering Wise Women (Francophone-Calgary)

Event Title: Renforcer les capacités des femmes d'influence noires

Dates de l'événement : Le 22, 29 juillet 2023

Description de l'événement : La présentation visait à autonomiser les femmes sages leaders en renforçant leurs compétences et leurs connaissances tout en abordant les pratiques nuisibles. Nous avons impliqué des femmes d'ascendance africaine pour partager leur sagesse et leur soutien aux individus par explorant les relations et en mettant en avant leur rôle pivot au sein de la communauté.


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Financial Literacy (Calgary) IMG_1067

Event Title: Financial Literacy (Edmonton & Calgary)

Event Date: Oct. 21 & 28, 2023

Event Description: Financial literacy sessions were designed to educate the community about the critical importance of financial security and independence. These interactive sessions delved into essential topics such as budgeting, which enables individuals to manage their finances effectively. Importantly, the program addresses the nuanced issue of financial abuse within relationships, providing participants with insights into recognizing and preventing such forms of control. By incorporating information on available government support, the financial literacy component aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their economic well-being, thereby contributing to the prevention of Intimate Partner Violence associated with financial vulnerabilities. 


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Community Engagement (IPV) Poster, Edmonton (IPV Project event)

Event Title: Townhall and Community Engagement (Edmonton & Calgary)

Event Date: Nov. 19 & Dec. 10, 2023

Event Description: Focused on community engagement, we encouraged open dialogue on the sensitive issue of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and asked for feedback on our project and strategies to combat IPV in our community. The sessions featured a roundtable discussion where participants actively engaged with each other and the organizers, resulting in the emergence of key concepts. Additionally, a registered psychologist and a faith-based leader were invited to shed light on the impact of IPV in the community and dispel misconceptions. To initiate these discussions, the following question were posed:

  • What are things that are needed to support the prevention of IPV and have conversations in an open space with mainstream organizations, spiritual and community leaders, and mental health professionals?


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Walk With Her, International Women_s Day (Program event)

Event Title: International Women’s Day (Calgary)

Event Date: March 11, 2023

Event Description: This celebration was themed “Walk With Her”— and aimed to rally a collective action to support racialized women and girls toward gender. Recognizing gender equity and empowering women and girls in our communities is essential to the process of allocating resources, opportunities, and fairness in all aspects of their lives. As such, two Black-serving organizations, The Africa Centre Enhancing Gender Equity program and the Ladies in the Family Foundation (LIFF) collaborated to celebrate the 2023 International Women’s Day. The objective of the event was to engage racialized women and girls, celebrate their achievements, rally for equity and raise awareness by facilitating conversation on relevant issues, highlighting their resilience and strengths while celebrating their diversity.

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Event Title: Obinokor Talks (Edmonton)

Event Date: June 4, 2022

Event Description: As formal service providers, law and order, community, and religious leaders wrestle with modern-day challenges, a crucial tradition that could make a difference is not only neglected but is slowly ebbing away— the role of female elders. The tradition of Obinokors of Igboland in Southeastern Nigeria challenges us to reconsider this invaluable resource, which is widely recognized across Canadian indigenous cultures and beyond. 

The deluge we face, the challenges they present and the consequences of inaction, call for the revival of female elder traditions in Black and other marginalized communities. As such, The Pan African Collaboration for Excellence in partnership with the Africa Centre will be hosting the Inaugural Obinokor Talks— A Rallying Call to Female Elders on June 4th, 2022 at 3PM in Edmonton, Alberta at the Citadel Multicultural Centre.

The Obinokor Talks for this year will consist of an inaugural lecture by a Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, at the University of Alberta and Director of the Pan African Collaboration for Excellence, Dr. Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika as well as additional guest speakers.


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Our Collaborators and Partners

Projects within the scope of this program have so far been made possible by Africa Centre, Partnership with Research for African Newcomers (PRAN), the University of Alberta, and Women and Gender Equality Canada.

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